The invisible Woman!

by Beneath the Red Lippy August 15, 2016 1 Comment

I used to wonder what difference could I possibly make, until I went to Mexico.

I had gone away with some good friends on a cruise, we had arrived on the shore of Ensenada when we decided to take to the streets and meet some locals.

We were not walking long before the tourist shops began to disappear and the atmosphere began to change.  We suddenly found ourselves surrounded by drunken men hanging around the streets at midday and eyes looking at us from all directions.

I noticed a woman staring at us from across the street, with a somewhat confused look upon her face.  It was obvious we were not from this neighborhood and she wasn’t too happy with her uninvited guests.

I instantly recognized the signs, the way she was dressed, the walk, the attitude, the swagger.  She wasn’t just there by chance she was there as an offering to every lustful stranger that walked by, and she was eyeing up her so called competition.

Having been in areas like this many times before my heart leapt out of my chest and I knew that we hadn’t just stumbled here by chance either but we must be here for a reason.

Pushing aside the uncertainty of our environment, we decided to hang around for a while and explore what our assignment here was all about.

We began to talk to people on the streets and seemed to draw quite a crowd.  I was just chatting away as best I could in Spanish when I felt the presence of someone discreetly walk behind me and disappear into the shadow of a door step.

When I turned around to look I saw a woman, she was filthy from head to foot.  Her fingers were black with dirt, her clothes were back to front and in tatters and hadn’t been washed for weeks, but it was the look on her face that struck me the most.  She was completely broken with a vacant expression that reads ‘hopelessness’.  She wished to remain invisible to these strange tourists that had wandered into her dark world.  I knew at that moment that she was the reason why we were here.

I immediately walked towards her as she tried to back away.  ‘Hola’ I said, it was one of the very few words that I did know in Spanish.  She looked up at us and quickly looked away.

Her face told a thousand words, she was thinking ‘Could we really be talking to her?  Why would these tourists come here, in the middle of their holiday?  Why would they be interested in me?

Her only experience of the tourists that would come through this area were on a one purpose mission – self gratification.

Cual es su nombre?  (What is your name) I asked.  Claudia she replied.  I finally got eye contact with her, when I looked deeply into her eyes and simply said two words to her.  ‘Dios’ which means God and ‘Corazon’ meaning heart.

I was trying to tell her that she is loved.  My words were not eloquent, I didn’t form a sentence, I didn’t get the right pronunciation and I didn’t feel I had a lot to offer her at all.  Yet when you look at the expression on her face…

she was deeply touched by us just simply standing there in front of her, noticing her as a woman that is worthy of love and not a life that is forgotten and disregarded.

We so often underestimate what our small offerings can do.  We think we cannot make a difference, we don’t have what it takes to help, we don’t even know how to help, but the simple fact that someone that is not from their world is prepared to notice them and care about what happens to them IS enough to rock their world.

At I Bought Her Freedom we are doing everything in our power to see women like Claudia be given the best chance of a purposeful future.

So won’t you join us today in letting her know she is no longer invisible, that we love and care enough about her future to do what we can to help.

You can help women like Claudia by joining us on facebook and instagram (iboughtherfreedom).  You can buy product or donate to the cause and be sure to us visit us at

Join the tribe that proudly says “I Bought Her Freedom”.

Beneath the Red Lippy
Beneath the Red Lippy


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Michelle Gibbs
Michelle Gibbs

August 16, 2016

This is awesome Angela, keep doing what you are doing. So so good.

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